The Science of Dzi Beads

According to some scientific analysis conducted by the Japanese scientists, they found that the Tibetan dzi beads contain 14 different elements found only in Meteorites. Secondly, the Dzi beads have a magnetic force of 13 watts while Crystals have a magnetic force of only 4 watts (3 times that of the crystals).



Eliminate Negativity

Dzi beads having the strong positive energy will also help one to be alert and to eliminate negative forces thereby reducing the level of danger one may encounter. Thus allowing you to avoid or eliminate the negative forces or danger.

Positive Energy

Dzi, with its strong positive magnetic force, will enable a person to develop a positive attitude towards life. This is especially important during bad times like these couple of years, where one tends to be overly negative in thoughts and process. 

Good Health

With its strong magnetic force, the dzi beads are able to promote the healthy circulation of blood flow in the body. This will aid in the normalisation of a person¡¯s blood pressure (reducing the risk of getting stroke) and is ideal for one who does not have the time for regular exercise.

Owning an antique dzi is a blessing!
It will enhance your health and bring
you luck and prosperity!